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Children and Family Services

Preparing Children and Families to build equity and be ready for kindergarten!

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Family Services

Supporting families through a wide variety of supports

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Family Advocacy

What is a Family Advocate?

A Family Advocate is responsible for working with families to help them realize their strengths and also provide resources to navigate through their weaknesses. Family Advocates engage families in their child/ren’s learning activities and serve as the link between families and community resources.

What is the role of a Family Advocate?

• Assist parents/guardians with identifying their individual and family strengths and needs.

• Develop lasting relationships with children and their families.

• Assist families with developing Family Partnership Agreements.

• Link families to needed community resources (ie. Food pantries, educational resources, employment opportunities, housing resources, and health resources).

• Monitors child/ren’s enrollment and attendance in Head Start & Summer Programming.

• Provide support to families, teachers, staff, and work collaboratively for the well-being of the children and families served.

What to Expect from Family Advocates:

· Home Visits

· Weekly Phone Calls

· Linkage to Community Resources

· Identifying, monitoring, and reviewing family goals


Family Engagement 

Family Engagement Center

The Lyn-CAG Family Engagement Center has a variety of activities that engage the family as a whole. We have created a warm and inviting space specifically for building family bonds and positive family interactions. There is an array of engaging activities available through the Lyn-CAG FEC such as…

  • Family-to-Family Mentoring Sessions
  • Family-Centered Community Outings
  • Cooking Camps & Food Clubs
  • Family Game Nights
  • Community Outreach Projects
  • Blended Parental Courses in Incredible Years & Parenting the Positive Discipline Way
  • Monthly Special Interests Workshops

As we build community partnerships, we will continue to grow and offer programming tailored to the needs of each family. 

Humbled Hands MOPS

The Lyn-CAG Children and Family Services is proud to be the parent to the Humbled Hands MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a unique parental resource, unseen before in our community. MOPS works within the community to gather and support moms. We believe in the simple but revolutionary idea that remarkable things happen when moms come together. Our acronym stands for “Mothers of Preschoolers” because we began in 1973 when a group of moms with young children banded together to share their lives and parenting journeys. Over the past 45 years, MOPS has expanded our community to include moms with school-aged kids. In addition, we are collaborating with churches and organizations worldwide to equip and encourage moms in more than 68 countries. Through the Lyn-CAG Children and Family Services, the Humbled Hands MOPS group covers the communities of Amherst, Bedford, Campbell and Lynchburg. We offer the following services to our MOPS participants…

  • Access to digital events, resources and pamphlets
  • One-on-one consultation with a MOPS Leader/ Representative
  • Group sessions and Mommy Mentors
  • Awana Club for children & MOPS Membership for Mommy
  • Free Group Gatherings through Facebook and YouTube
  • A Sisterhood unlike any other

We are women who believe that motherhood is a powerful catalyst for friendship, networking, connection, and faith.

For more information contact Dee Hamlet-Andrews, Parent Cooridnator